Heb ‘the real’ Challenge

My love affair with the Hebrides is set to continue for 2006. After four years of racing in the Hebridean Challenge, I was set to take a break from the organisation of the team logistics for 2006, and look towards other races perhaps abroad. Events have taken a turn for the better though and instead of racing in 2006 I’ll be planning and directing the race in July. It’s something I’m really looking forward to and have been busy on the maps already. The race is already full which is unprecedented, and very reassuring, although the search is still on for a title sponsor.

So I am not racing the Heb this year, which led me to thinking about an alternative to fill its place. Well next thing I know I’ve been invited to join a team racing in the Bergson Winter Challenge, in Poland in February, the only Winter expedition race in the world. Jorg who I raced with in Denmark alongside Thure, back in October gave me a shout to see if I’d join him. My cross country ski experience is zero, but I’ve been training on the cross machine in the gym and will be heading out to Chamonix in January with the new job for four months, so should hopefully get plenty of practice in before the big race comes around.

Also planning another assault on the Tranter’s Round on 17th December, after discovering I still had some long distance running in my legs when I raced the elite class KIMM with Thure and felt fabulous despite ‘inclemental’ weather. Hoping to get under the 24 hour barrier for the first time on record, but it will depend so much on weather conditions and how much snow is underfoot. Best keep training then…