I organise a few adventure races in the UK, including the Wan Dae Adventure Races for novices, and have organised the Edinburgh and Bristol Rat Races, and some Ace Races.  Alongside organising races my passion is in competing and pushing myself in races. These days I race with the UK’s top team, Aberdeen Asset Management, who I have a great time racing with and enjoying some epic adventures. I also enjoy personal challenges and have completed several 24 hour runs and mountain bike events. I love being out there in the hills and sometimes getting into a few scrapes to have some stories to tell! For me life’s all about the adventure and I love inspiring others to get out there and take on a challenge, whether through organising races for novices or motivating them with stories of the adventures I’ve had myself.

I’m really rubbish at keeping on top of this blog and as I’m even worse at writing things down in a diary or calendar then I need to keep this up so I can remember what the hell I’ve been up to over the year, cos god knows my memory is shocking! I hope what’s in this blog is of some use to someone other than me.



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