The current stallions in the stable

Giant Anthem 1

Giant Anthem

While we wait for the new Marin Alchemist’s to hit the UK’s shores I’ve switched over to a Giant Anthem frame as used by most of the other top AR teams around. It pedals really well and I’m sure will serve me really well.

Yeti AS-R SL

A revelation! A very quick bike that gets better with every ride.

Trek 9.8 Singlespeed – Now dead :o(

A bit of an old photo, as its got Pace RC31s on the front these days. Lovely and light, been known to outdo many road bikes on the scales. Totally pimpy and unjustified as a singlespeed, but hey, who needs to justify anything as long as it makes you smile and doesn’t bother anyone else?

LeMond Poprad

Marin Eldridge Grade

Beasts that have fled the stable

Santa Cruz Blur with USE SUB

Bit of a special bike this one, and was one of the first 10 in the country. Heard a rumour of a student at Cambridge who copied me, so it had to go…!

Cove Stiffee

Possibly the most fun bike I’ve ever had possession of. Didn’t technically own it, as the boys at Singletrack might have something to say about that, but I certainly rode the wheels off it for a good few months. Raced Sleepless 2001 on it, and survived to die another day. Set at 125mm travel up front, and the thing is just a blast. Really lovely light back end, and I’d die for another bike that colour…hmm, where’s that old Marin Eldridge Grade frame gone…

Others lost along the way

Cannondale F800
Cannondale F900
Trek 7000
plus some unmentionables!

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