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Racing away

Hmm, once again it’s been a while since I did anything with this site. OK, well September has been crazy. For some daft reason, oh yeah I remember why, we arranged for two of my Wan Dae Adventure Races a fortnight apart in September. This was somewhat testing and lead to the most full on month in a long time. To really punish myself I took on the planning and directing of the first ever ACE Race without Phil Humphreys in charge. Now, that really was the final nail in the coffin and I’ve had a headache for a week since… Still, everyone seemed to have a good time and they are demanding more for next year….My buddy Craig has been a busy lad and gone about setting up his own online adventure racing gear shop. Going by the name of Fastandlight.co.uk it’s hopefully poised to make him a billionaire so he can share his spoils with me. Alternatively I hope it’s at least enough for him to pay the rent…. Good luck to you matey, it’s a competitive game but you’re smarter than you’re average bear.