Nordenmark Map Board

Summary: The best map board I’ve ever used
Price: £45
Value: 7/10
Performance: 10/10
  • Totally secure mounting
  • Quick release bracket for easy removal
  • 360 degree rotatable turntable map board
  • Quick release base: 120g
  • Map Board: 310g
  • Total overall weight: 430g
  • 28/07/09 UPDATE – Due to demand I am now selling the Nordenmark Map Board on this site. Click here for details
    Map boards designed for mountain bike navigation are pretty few and far between, illustrating how niche a sport it really is compared to mainstream mountain biking or hiking. The mapboards that have been on the market and become dominant in the UK have either been cheap plastic clips or more expensive, higher quality, but not fault free boards. My experience with the former is that they tend to snap very easily and normally at the worst possible moment. The latter style, similar to the Nordenmark being reviewed but with an allen bolt secured handlebar mount, are better but awkward to fit and have a tendency for the small bolts used, to drop to the ground (typically a gravel car park) when trying to fit it.

    The Nordenmark gets around the attachment problem superbly. It uses a large plate with 4 bolts protruding from it, that is clamped to the bars using another couple of rubber padded small plates and simple wingnuts to hold it in place. It’s so simple and wingnuts are far easier to find in a gravel car park if you do drop them! The great part about the mount compared to all other designs I’ve tried is the fact that the mounting plate can be left on the bars and the mapboard itself detached using a very positive and easy to use release clip. This way the board can be easily removed when you put the bike on top of the car, in storage, when you go for a ‘normal’ ride, when stacking bikes in a trailer at races, etc etc.

    The main map holder mount is very sturdy and allows for a large range of forward and backwards tilt, and of course 360 degree rotation of the board. It raises the board up about 5 inches for easy reading of the map. The board is supported on the mount by a couple of felt patches which create a convex surface and the combination helps to greatly reduce vibrations over other boards I’ve used.

    The map board is transparent plastic (260mm x 260mm) with a long hinge on one side and 6 press studs on the perimeter to hold your vital map securely. It seems durable and time has not harmed it from physical abuse or UV rays.

    The Nordenmark MTB Map Board, from Sweden, is a new item to the UK market, but one that has obviously been doing the rounds for a while overseas, with recommendations by Ian Adamson and plenty of Scandinavian teams using it in the AR World Championships. I for one would also highly recommend it, it’s the best mapboard I’ve ever used and will be on my bike in this year’s World Champs. Some may cough at the price of £45 and perhaps these things could be made cheaper in massive quantities in the Far East, but these are small produced boards from Sweden and the quality is first class. It’s an equipment investment that will last for a long time, unlike those cheap plastic handlebar clips that snap within weeks, so if you’re looking for the best for the long term, look no further.

    Following a large number of requests as to where these map boards can be bought in the UK, I have decided to sell them myself through this website for the time being. I am currently the only UK seller of these boards and you can buy one for £45 including UK P&P, just click here to be taken to the product page.

    Nordenmark Map Board on BikeNordenmark Map Board

    5 thoughts on “Nordenmark Map Board”

    1. Hi John

      Re the Nordenmark map board from Sweden you mentioned on your website- could you tell me where these are available to buy in the Uk- they look awesome!

      Thank you


    2. Hi Lindy

      They were available from Fast and Light, but I don’t think they are doing them any longer. I’ve just contacted Nordenmark and asked them the same question so will let you know when I get a reply. Thanks for stopping by


    3. Hi John,

      I’ve got one of these boards too (bought from Fast and Light a while ago) and it is brilliant! Revolutionised my on-the-move map reading. Just wondering though, do you also have a bike computer fitted and if so, did you have a problem with where to put it so that you could still see it? When using the map board I can’t see any of the handlebars and there’s not a lot of space left anyway, after allowing for a light fitting! OK when using a wrist GPS to record time/distance etc but not OK in races where GPS is banned.


      ps I think one of us might be following the other – I was at Whinlatter last weeekend (tagged onto a kayak training trip) and Carron Valley this, as well! 🙂

    4. Hi Rosemary

      Bizarre, we seem to have been turning up in some random locations alright!

      I haven’t actually tried fitting a computer and using the map board at the same time. Normally I have a teammate with a computer and get them to call out distances when I need them, which helps to keep all of the team involved. The other option is to mount the computer onto your stem or top tube, rather than the handlebar. You might have to configure the mount so that the attachments for the right way, but I’ve certainly seen my teammates fit it this way without trouble. As for lights, I have been mounting them underneath the bar so it’s not been a problem for me in that respect.

      Hope this helps

    5. Hi folks

      I’ve just returned from racing in Explore Sweden where I met Mr Nordenmark and agreed to sell his excellent Map Boards in the UK seeing as I get so many questions about where to buy them! I’ll create a page on the website with details on how to purchase, but in the mean time you can email me your orders at john @

      They will be priced at £45 including delivery to the UK and I have them in stock already. Payment can be made by credit/debit card or cheque.

      I’ll hopefully have some spare bar mounts as well that you can buy separately if yours is stolen or you need a spare for another bike.


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