Sigg Sports Bottle Review

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Summary: Updated classic water bottle but not ideal for adventure racing
Price: £15
Value: 5/10
Performance: 5/10
  • Iconic design
  • Light
  • Tough
  • Leakproof
  • Aluminium drinks bottle with updated sports top
    Sigg have been producing bottles for 101 years and if you have been a regular ACE racer over the past 10 years this is probably also how many SIGG bottles you have stashed away under the stairs.

    The familiar, Swiss made, aluminium bottle available in 1000s of different designs has been a favourite with hikers and climbers for years because of its durability, lightweight and leakproof structure. It is made from a single piece of aluminium and as such is 100% recyclable. To protect the contents from aluminium contamination, it features a patented elastic polymer lining that passes all relevant FDA standards, and prevents the flavour of your drink from being tainted. In my experience it does tend to keep water tasting as it should do, when compared to water stored in typical plastic sports water bottles. Sigg also claim that it is taste-neutral with fruit acids and isotonic drinks but I have not tried this myself. The elastic coating means that if the bottle is dropped and dented the inner will not peel off and for many the dents on their Sigg each tell a story of a particular adventure. For me they are annoying and the ease with which the outer scratches, means it looks tatty in no time.

    For sports use Sigg have developed the sports bottle top with a handy flip over lid to keep the nozzle crud free, however, taking a drink still involves unscrewing the lid slightly then sucking through a nozzle, not quite as simple as a regular bottle that can be opened with your teeth. The fact that the bottle itself is made of solid metal means you can’t squeeze it to get the liquid out quicker, you just have to suck harder, so it is not ideal for high intensity activities. I find the bottle diameter a bit narrow for most bike bottle cages and it easily falls out on a rough downhills. A cage that is tight enough to hold it in will probably scratch the paint off when you put it in and out.

    Siggs have many fans because of their durability and quality feel. They also do a reasonable job of keeping drinks cool in the heat, but you can’t put in hot liquids as they will damage the internal coating. All in all, the Sigg is a classic piece of outdoor kit and now has increased ease of use with the sport’s top, but it is just not really suitable for adventure racing or high intensity activities.For more details please visit: