The OMM Kit List Pondering

Every week we seem to keep saying that autumn has finally set in and summer, (or whatever that thing between spring and now is really called), has left us, but for two weeks running now we’ve had glorious sunny Sundays with the London Rat Race taking place in glorious weather and then Sunday just passed being one  of those blue sky days to remember where we were in the Lake District. Of course, the day beforehand we were sure the apoclypse was on the way and the racers taking part in the Dirty Weekend Adventure in Grizedale, Cumbria were wondering whether arks or kayaks were being supplied during the race.

I’d been feeling rough all week so decided to skip the race and spend a nice weekend with Mrs L in the same area. After a non-event for us on Saturday other than some Adventure Driving on the Lake Districts flooded, narrow roads, we had a glorious little ride up to Skiddaw House above Keswick and around Lonscale Crags. Just wish I’d brought a bloody camera!

Just looking forward to the OMM now and thinking about kit.

Here’s the kit list with my current ideas:

Rucsac – OMM Adventure Light 20

Tent – Polaris Eventlite or Vango Ultralite 200

Sleeping Bag – Macpac Epic 300 or OMM 0.5SSL

Sleeping Mat – Balloon Bed

Full length tights – Skins or iRule Whistlers if weather really cold

Baselayer top – Helly Hansen Lifa Versa

Underwear – Smartwool boxers

Fleece top/warm layer – Patagonia R1 pullover ( or howies NBL Baselayer

Waterproof Trousers – OMM Kamleika (250g)

Waterproof Jacket – OMM Kamleika Jacket (400g) or Smock (300g) – need to decide

Windproof – Depending on conditions I’d probably like a Pertex Quantum Gilet but who makes them? Montane do a Pertex Microlight one…

Hat – Smartwool Training Beanie(40g) – If weather really shit then perhaps need Paramo Balaclava or Lowe Alpine Mountain Hat

Gloves – Smartool Liner Gloves

Socks – Smartwool Running Light Mini Crew (44g) or Bridgedale X-Hale (30g)

Shoes – Inov8 MudClaw 330

Headtorch – Hmm tricky one do I need enough light to navigate in the dark or just enough light to see around the camp? We have a late start so will have to think carefully about this.  Choices are a Petzl Tikka XP (95g) or getting something like a Petzl eLite (27g)

Stove – MSR Pocket Rocket (86g) and some tin foil for wind break

Pans – 2 x foil takeaway dishes (12g) and some tin foil for lid

Other kit – 3 x sealable food bags. Spork. Ear plugs. Casio Altimeter Watch. OMM 500ml water bottle. Plastic camping mug and small karabiner. Tiny amount of first aid supplies

3 thoughts on “The OMM Kit List Pondering”

  1. Its the worst thing about racing !
    Deciding what to take and what to leave behind !
    Good luck on the OMM

  2. Sorting of the kit is the best part! Arguing over 20g here and there.

    Seems like you have the kit pretty much sorted. Whats your total kit weight?

    I am still not decided on my warm overnight clothing as I am desperate to not get borderline hypothermia like last year.

    How does the foil takeway dishes work? You ever get them leaking or ripping?

  3. I’m not normally bothered enough to weigh everything so a bunch of those weights are from the Planet Fear article. I may weigh my whole pack tomorrow and see. My partner lives in Denmark so not the easiest to look at the collective kit and split evenly, so I may try and do it with an OMM Last Drop 10L bag and chest pouch and let him carry everything I can’t!

    Foil takeaway dishes are great but once only use really. My mate sourced some round ones that are reasonably deep and sit on the stove well but you have to make sure you don’t crank the stove up too high or the bottom burns through. Haven’t had any problems yet though in all the events I’ve used them for. Like you though we only really need to boil water so it should be fine. I have some square ones as well that I think I just got from the local takeaway so once the round ones are done it’ll be back to them.

    Of course, I’ll keep an eye on the weather, but at the moment I’m hoping to get away with running in Skins shorts and saving my Skins tights and OMM overtrousers for the overnight camp. If the weather is crap then I might run in the Skins tights as they dry really quickly anyway. If I had some running 3/4 leggings I would probably use them like you.

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