The Qua

Just gone midnight and just back in from a superb wee training ride in Calderglen with just the beginnings of a thick frost and a few frightened rabbits for company. The Yeti had been struggling with a stuffed shock and a seized back end so its been in the shop and is now better than ever. It really hadn’t been performing like all the reviews said it should have and I was set to get shot of it, but now it’s on fire. Was out on Saturday with GT and Andy Cathcart and rode our amazing Qua trail, which in all honesty is one of the finest trails on the planet. To our surprise it was in great condition despite a week of rain, I suppose because it is clinging to a cliff so nowhere for the water to pool. Everyone was on form and the vision of GT in front of me swooping in and out of trees will stay with me for a good while. I wish I had a head camera to capture trails like these and the beauty of them being ridden in full flow….Santa, please can I have one?