Bristol Rat Race

Last weekend was the Bristol Rat Race, undoubtedly the maddest most fun race ever. The result was with out doubt the best yet too, considering the quality of opposition that we were up against we were absolutely thrilled with our second place behind Saab Salomon. The team was Iona Robertson, Andy Simpson and myself and we just worked so well together. The race report is on Sleepmonsters as usual, but there were some real moments for me. In particular when Iona went over on her ankle that it made an awful sound, we thought it was game over, only half way through Saturday night. I gave her a strong painkiller and the miracle girl ran through the pain to put us in 4th place overnight, after bagging all the checkpoints on the way. Crucial stage it seems was the traverse we had to do of Bristol Grammar School’s climbing wall, as one slip off was curtains for the points total and the time penalty was harsh. Thankfully I made it although it was bloody hard as the holds were grimy as hell by the time we got there. Another moment was when my hydration bladder burst just before we had to go into the Royal Navy local HQ to do a surprise drill stage. I was stood there with this Navy officer shouting marching orders at us and my shorts were dripping away like he’d put the fear of God into me!

Sunday was mostly biking with a lot of familiar trails to me including sections of the Bristol to Bath Bike path and the River Avon Trail, as well as Ashton Court and the like. In between we had three abseils off the Bristol & West HQ, a massive one in the Avon Gorge, and finally one off the cranes in the Floating Harbour.

We race as Macpac Anatom, who provide us with some outstanding kit. Please click on the names to visit their sites.