THE Weekend

What a phenomenal weekend! For once it wasn’t about the racing, it was about the good time shared with friends, old and new. Time spent on the bike was part of it, but only as a means to an end that involved the pub. Had a cracking bbq on Saturday with all the peeps I’ve known in Bath. The boys from the MTB club presented me with a beautiful Scotland Saltire riding jersey as a leaving gift. I nearly came over all emotional, it was a really appreciated gesture. Thanks again guys!

Took my three new South African friends down to Cheddar Gorge and had the funniest day in a long, long time. Cider and Cheddar fest so it was. Bank Holiday BBQ in Tetbury with the Clan Casey was a really nice finish to a thoroughly relaxing weekend. It was just such a massive relief to get the final year project in at long last, even if it didn’t all go as planned…Still not quite finished yet, roll on 24th June.